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Where We Are


The Montana Radio Café front porch, and home of the Johnston Family, is located in the pristine setting of northwest Montana.  Just north of the small town of Creston, on Route 35, we’re able to reach listeners all over the Flathead Valley with our low-power tower.


We sit just west of the Swan Mountain Range and Bob Marshall Wilderness, outside the center of Kalispell, and only 30 minutes from Glacier National Park. 


Folks driving by on Route 35 can usually find us by noticing the neon “On Air” sign on the front porch. We enjoy hearing them honk as they go by.


Check out Glacier webcams on our Community page.




The Music

It seems that many have the same desire for good music that Scott does! We opened the station in March of 2004! It’s truly the American dream come true as Scott plays the eclectic selection of music he loves, and all from the front porch of an old farm house in Montana!

The enthusiastic response has come from everywhere as people listen from around the world on the internet! With a music library of over 21,000 songs from artists that are super talented but not well known, the Montana Radio Café has grown in many ways over the last 3 years; the station now has it’s own concert series, a store with products to purchase to help support the station, a blog from Scott’s head to yours, and much, much more! It’s also a great trip to check out the gallery, and the links to various North West Montana web cams.

Still to come, at some point we will have podcasts of recordings made in the studio with visiting musicians, and our own blend of coffee.

We’ve gotten some great press the last two years, including a great article in the Montana Quarterly. Check out the link to the article below.

Article in the Montana Quarterly Magazine. Click below.
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In an effort to spread the good music of the Montana Radio Café, see the letter Scott’s daughter, Vanessa, wrote to Katie Couric of the Today Show, and Oprah. As of today, neither one has replied. BUT, we would like to invite you to email your encouragement to these two fine ladies to feature the Montana Radio Café on their programs, and thus expose us to the world!

Again, welcome! Thanks for listening and encouraging us in our quest to play the great music nobody else plays.


The Family


Scott and Marie met in Martin City, MT, where Marie was born and also worked at her parent’s grocery store.  Marie was working in the deli area when Scott walked in on Valentine’s day groaning that he didn’t have a valentine.  Marie, within earshot, replied sarcastically “You can give me a valentine”.  Scott, who had never met Marie before (and didn't know she was in the store), was so embarrassed, he left the store.  But they married later that same year - 1977. 

They’ve raised six children.  They moved to the farmhouse in Creston in 1986 when their youngest son, Graham, was one year old.


Over the years, the farmhouse has been a place for much work...and fun.


Marie home-schooled their children in this house for 13 years, and also ran a daycare at the house for two years. Other jobs to support the family have included running a candy route, running a vegetable stand, growing and selling elephant garlic.


Thusfar, they have had six wedding ceremonies in their backyard.



In 1987, the Johnston kids in front of the vegetable stand.  Their dog Willie on the left.



The Farmhouse  

 Kitchen stove


Of course, the center of the home is the kitchen. 

People love to sit around the big red table (built by Scott) and taste Marie's delicious home-made bread.  The style of the kitchen indicates it was built in the late 1800s and may be the original homestead cabin.  The two-story section of the house was built in 1916.   There is still only one bathroom in the home.


There are some intriguing stories about the history of this property.


According to one story, two of the Felburg brothers (who’s father had the house built) hid a moonshine still under a work-horse stall in a barn that was on the property.  The barn has since been torn down.


Stories also say there is a dead body buried somewhere on the land and there may be gold from a train robbery buried on the property.  Years ago, before the Johnstons moved in, witnesses noticed many holes around the property where people had come to dig for the gold.


Moonshine whiskey, dead bodies and buried gold.  It doesn’t get more Montana than that!

Johnston’s are only the fourth owners of the property.



The Bark                          


The bark you occasionally hear on air is one of the family dogs.

Smokey is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll meet.  His favorite position seems to be on the floor of the kitchen, on his back - legs in the air just waiting for a rub.  With a completely open heart, this old dog has definitely been loved on.


 Smokey.  (Smokey loves you)


 Sing, Smokey, Sing!

Smokey the Wonder Dog passed away on May 1st, 2006

Be well in doggy heaven boy. We love you.




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